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Ammo Mig SUPER PACK Luftwaffe WWII
Ammo Mig SUPER PACK Luftwaffe WWII

Ammo Mig SUPER PACK Luftwaffe WWII

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Amig7812 Super pack. 4 jars 15mL & 9 jars 35mL

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By using these products, you can simulate all effects such as panel line washes, colour fading, fuel and oil leaks, staining, and a range of weathering effects. This Super Pack includes both the enamel and acrylic products used to obtain the most realistic results possible.

Includes the colours:

  • A.MIG-0826 ACRYLIC FILTER Phthalo Green
  • A.MIG-0806 ACRYLIC FILTER Sky Blue
  • A.MIG-0805 ACRYLIC FILTER Medium Grey
  • A.MIG-1613 PLW Blue Grey
  • A.MIG-1608 PLW Dark Green Grey
  • A.MIG-1612 PLW Green Brown
  • A.MIG-3513 OILBRUSHER Starship Filth
  • A.MIG-3506 OILBRUSHER Field Green
  • A.MIG-0858 SHADER Ash Black A.MIG-1613 PLW Blue Grey
  • A.MIG-0853 SHADER Dirt
  • A.MIG-1209 Starship STREAKING
  • A.MIG-3004 PIGMENT Europe Earth
  • A.MIG-2018 Enamel Odourless Thinner (35mL)
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