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VMS Pigment Jockey No.10 Steel metallic  (liquid)

VMS Pigment Jockey No.10 Steel metallic (liquid)

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Steel metallic  reversible weathering liquid, spill resistant bottle. Great for general weathering, spatter and streaking FX. Combined with VMS universal weathering carrier can be used for wash and filtering. Mix with VMS No. 29 texture powder to add volume and texture. Shake well before use. While using drain your brush, let excessive fluid drip down on the palette and work with damp brush. Super dispersed, high efficiency fluid. Depending on techniques applied a bottle will suffice to weather up to 25-50, 1/35 scale models. If not used for several months expedite mixing with a metal rod or steel balls (detach nozzle first).

Recommended techniques: spatter, streaking, wash

Combine with: Universal weathering carrier, Spot-On pigments other PJ colours

Available volumes: 30 ml dropper bottle

Product FAQ

What agent do I need to reverse pigment jobs created with Pigment Jockey

You may use either VMS Universal weathering carrier "standard" or "light" type. "Standard" carrier type works faster but can be used only over acrylic base coats. "Light" type works a bit slower but can be used over both enamel and acrylic base coats. Please check out Universal weathering carrier product FAQ to learn more.   


 How to produce even coverage effect?

Apply weathering liquid with a brush as if painting. One dry you can dust raw pigment on top of the layer for lighter shade (even coverage + dusting on top). You can use hair dryer to expedite things. 


 How to create pigment wash and do partial removal?

Procedure is as for even coverage. Apply a layer of pigment jockey weathering liquid. Use hair dryer. Once a layer is dry use UNIVERSAL weathering carrier  to liquefy it again and remove portions of pigment. Remove as much pigment as you need leaving it in places you deem appropriate. Alternatively you can dilute Pigment Jockey liquid with Universal weathering carrier and apply such wash. 

How to create dry mud accumulation?

Mix your Pigment Jockey liquid with pigment texture No. 29 Apply the resulting paste with a brush and use hair dryer to get rid of the solvent freezing the job in place. You can come back with a precision brush soaked with Universal weathering carrier later and correct the job. Alternatively you may exercise classic capillary technique as described below. 


 How to create wet effects?

 Applyy VMS ENML 2.0 or Alkyd "Wet FX" type binders over your Pigment Jockey layer.


 How to create streaking on my vehicle's hull?

Apply Pigment Jockey weathering liquid wherever you want the streaking to appear. No finesse is needed here, simply paint some irregular dot-like shapes here and there they will disappear later on - don't sweat it. Apply heat using hair dryer until this initial pigment job is dry. Now soak a soft flat brush* with Universal weathering carrier, touch it to a piece of paper to remove the excessive carrier (brush needs to be damp not dripping wet) and then swipe it over the pigment job you just did using vertical brushstrokes - observe how easily cool streaking lines are appearing. Move from bottom to top of the vehicle and the other way round. Keep swiping until you remove as much pigment as you need. You can end up with heavy streaking, barely visible effect or no streaking at all if you change your mind.  Rinse the brush with Universal weathering carrier frequently so that it collects the pigments better. Remember to use damp, not dripping wet brush. 

How to create light spatter on my vehicle's hull?

Spatter is best created using a flat brush*. Dip the brush in Pigment Jockey weathering liquid and then touch it to a piece of paper to remove the excessive liquid. Press the bristles of the brush with your finger and move it in a backward direction so that the liquid gets sprayed. The procedure is similar to simple toothbrush spraying technique. Do test spraying on a sheet of paper to get the hang of it and adjust spatter size and density. With this technique you can produce light, heavy and thick spatter alike. You can completely or partially reverse the results if need be using Universal weathering carrier. Use Pigment texture No. 29 to produce heavy spatter. 


 What's the best way to clean my brushes after working with Pigment Jockey?

For regular clean up - between the jobs, Universal weathering carrier will suffice. Just have some carrier ready, rinse the brushes and wipe clean using a paper towel or a cloth. For proper deep cleaning please use VMS Airbrush Cleaners Pro ENML type (label with blue ENML icon) which have maximum potency and will keep your brushes in top condition by freeing them of pigments and binders that accumulate at the base of the bristle. Brushes that are not deep cleaned regularly deteriorate faster overtime.


 What's the difference between nylon and red sable brushes?

Synthetic nylon brushes are inexpensive but don't last as long as natural red sable ones. It's worth to invest in a red sable - they are cleaned far more easily, are softer and last forever if deep cleaned regularly.    

*flat brush: 1 cm wide bristle, size 10+, we recommend red sable but nylon equivalent will do

3 Items

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30 ml
Liquid Pigment Weathering

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