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Ammo Mig SUPER PACK Carrier Deck Aircraft Solution Set

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Amig7810 : Super pack. 5 jars 10mL, 1 jars 15mL & 5 jars 35mL

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This pack is a complete and comprehensive system that allows you to accurately represent all the distinctive weathering effects typical of maritime environments on your models. An essential solution for every enthusiast recently initiated in modelling, and wise veterans seeking the correct and accurate colours required conveniently selected and provided in a single box.

Products Included:

  • A.MIG-0805 ACRYLIC FILTER Medium Grey
  • A.MIG-0853 SHADER Dirt
  • A.MIG-0856 SHADER Light Grey
  • A.MIG-0857 SHADER Navy Grey
  • A.MIG-3501 OILBRUSHER White
  • A.MIG-1257 STREAKINGBRUSHER Warm Dirty Grey
  • A.MIG-3020 PIGMENT Metal Slag
  • A.MIG-1203 STREAKING Grime
  • A.MIG-1602 PLW Deep Grey
  • A.MIG-1601 PLW Medium Grey
  • A.MIG-1600 PLW Light Grey
1 Item

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