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Winter Streaking Grime
Winter Streaking Grime

Winter Streaking Grime

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Ak-014: 35 ml

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This special product is perfect to create realistic streaking grime in any winter vehicle or white ones like UN vehicles. The Winter Streaking Grime has an appropriate consistency and color for most of the cases where the base color is WHITE. It is very easy to use. Just shake it very well and follow the next steps. You can clean it with our White Spirit or even thin it for other purposes, like washes...

1) After paint the white base color and paint other effects like chips or washes, apply our Winter Streaking Grime. This tone work well over white color, but we don't recomend you over other different colors. Now paint different random vertical lines with a fine brush.

2) After the lines is dry (around 5 or 10 minutes later) stump the lines with a clean brush and White Spirit.

3) Don over do the stumping phase or you will remove all Streaking Lines. This must be a good final look:

The Winter Streaking Grime is visible in any winter tank, APC or trucks, but it must be more subtile than the classic Streaking Grime. Just check pictures in internet and you will find many examples. But don't forget that if you add a little White Spirit to your Winter Streaking Grime, you will get a good color to make washes .

3 Items

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