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File Stick Wave (175*29mm ) (choose hardness and grit)
File Stick Wave (175*29mm ) (choose hardness and grit)

File Stick Wave (175*29mm ) (choose hardness and grit)

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This is sandpaper for modeling use available at:

Soft  (straight) and Hard

Grains of 400-600-800-1000 and 1200

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This is a file for modeling use.
Sandpaper is attached to both sides of the rigid body of this plate-like filing tool, useful for processing parting lines on plastic kits and for shaping putty, resin, etc. This set of 1  pieces--each piece 175mm long, 5mm thick, and 28mm wide--features  can be cut to more convenient shapes.
A board-shaped sanding tool useful for parting line processing and shaping putty/resin!
The body of the file stick is made up of three layers, with a hard base in the centre of the core and a soft base above and below it, with sandpaper set on both sides.
The main body of the YASLISTICK can be cut out into the desired shape, allowing it to be shaped to suit the work area.
Note: When using the blade for cutting out, take care not to injure yourself. The central part is made of a hard material, so cut out the material little by little over several cuts.
Yasuri Stick SOFT
Five grades are available: #400, #600, #800, #1000 and #1200.
Product codes: HT-611 / HT-612 / HT-613 / HT-614 / HT-615
Yasuri Stick HARD
Five grades are available: #400, #600, #800, #1000 and #1200.
Product codes: HT-621 / HT-622 / HT-623 / HT-624 / HT-625
The production of YASLISTIC SOFT and HARD #80, #120, #180, #240 and #320 has been discontinued and is no longer available. (2018/01)
3 Items

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