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GodHand Kamiyasu Sanding Stick 1mm-Assortment
GodHand Kamiyasu Sanding Stick 1mm-Assortment

GodHand Kamiyasu Sanding Stick 1mm-Assortment

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This item is a file for modeling use.  
GodHand make the best modelling tools in the world.
We're not just making that up - Pete, James and Foxx have sworn by them for years and we are ridiculously excited to be able to bring them to you now. They truly are tools that are at home whether they are in the hands of a beginner or a professional. These are not mass-produced throwaway tools; they are tools designed by and for master craftsmen that will enable you to create incredible art.
Kamiyasu Sanding Stick 1mm-Assortment
An ultra-thin sanding sponge is used compared to the existing Kamiyasu!
Improved conformance to curved surfaces while maintaining the same features!
Ultra-thin sanding sponge with a thickness of 1 mm.
The same highly durable fabric file as the existing product is adopted.
The thinner sanding sponge has better conformance to curved surfaces than the existing Kamiyasu and is firmer than sandpaper and fabric files, providing an exquisite experience of comfort.
The sanding sponges are number-printed for easy identification.
Number-printed with water-resistant ink, the ink does not dissolve easily during water polishing.
A 1mm-thick sanding sponge is adopted for better curved-surface conformance than a 2mm-thick sponge, which is the thinnest sanding sponge.
The set includes 6 grades: #240, #320, #400, #600, #800, and #1000.
File with long-lasting cutting power, just like the existing kamiyasu.
Excellent cost performance for long-lasting use after removal of cutting dust.
Since its resilience is greater than fabric file or sandpaper, enabling you to easily sharpen for a detailed spot.
Resists wrinkling even when folded.
Possible to cut into the desired shape.
Hard to tear, so easy to pick up and use with tweezers.
Dry and water polishing compatible.
Color and printed letters on the sanding sponge enable easy identification.
Kamiyasu Sanding Stick 1mm-Assortment
Product Code:GH-KS1-A6
Quality Indication
・Thickness: approx. 1 mm 
・Dimensions: approx. 105 x 20 mm
・Grades: #240, #320, #400, #600, #800, #1000, one of each
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
4 Items

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