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Grey and Microfiller Ref. No AMIG-2350

Ammo Mig A-STAND Laquer Primer (choose finish)

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5/ 5 Ammo Mig A-STAND Laquer Primer (choose finish)
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Ammo Mig A-stand Lacquer Primer

AMIG-2350 Grey and Microfiller

AMIG-2351 Gloss Black 

AMIG-2352 White and Microfiller 

AMIG-2353 Brown and Microfiller

AMIG-2354 Black and Microfiller

AMIG-2355 Grey Gloss

AMIG-2356 White Gloss

AMIG-2357 Red Oxide

30 ml
A-Stand Ammo Paints
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A-STAND  Lacquer  Primer

The range of A-Stand primers are the most durable primers available for airbrush use. There are matt and gloss colours available for priming all model subjects and types. These primers also act as micro-filler to cover small scratches and surface imperfections. They can be used on any material, plastic, resin, and metal.

Why to use A-Stand?

The excellent fluidity of A-Stand products makes them easy to spray without clogging the airbrush. They also provide a tough and durable finish once dry, allowing the application of any other lacquer, enamel weathering products, or acrylic paint on top without issue. In addition, modelling masking tape can be applied over the hard finish of the A-Stand paints with no problem.

A-Stand products dry to the touch in a short period of time of approximately 30 minutes, depending on the amount of paint applied, ambient humidity and temperature. Allow 1 hour of drying time before the applying other products safely, they will completely cure in 24 hours. The thinner used in these paints and varnishes, like in other lacquer products, are only suitable for airbrush use, not for brush painting.

Remember that all lacquer paints contain toxic components and it is advisable to use a mask for its application, and to spray these products in a well-ventilated area.

The A-Stand paint series includes various lines of products used to apply a range of effects and finishes on your models.

Always clean and dilute with A-Stand Airbrush Thinner & Cleaner A.MIG-2013.

6 Items

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30 ml
A-Stand Ammo Paints

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