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1/144 HGUC RAS-96 Anksha

1/144 HGUC Base Jabber (Unicorn Ver.)

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1/144 Injection Plastic Kit


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This item is a posable, high-grade or better injection-plastic kit of an item from the Gundam universe.


This rather unique looking suit from Gundam UC is called the Anksha and is capable of transforming between its Mobile Suit and Mobile Armor modes.  When in Mobile Suit Mode the Anskha features some impressive articulation in the joints with some sliding mechanisms built in.  When in Mobile Armor mode the Anksha can accomodate an HGUC kit on its back (sold separately) and even comes with option parts to mount whichever kit to the Anksha. If that wasn't enough, Bandai has also included a special display stand.

The RAS-96 Anksha was developed as the successor to the NRX-044 Asshimar, but utilizes many of the same technologies as the RGM-89 Jegan. Just like the Asshimar, the Anksha is capable of atmospheric flight without the help of a sub-flight system while in its mobile armor mode. With the application of magnetic-coating technology on the unit's joints and large moving parts, the Anksha can transform between mobile suit and mobile armor modes in a matter of seconds.

The Anksha sports very thick armor and as a result can withstand fire from most mobile suit-based weaponry, save for high-powered beam weapons. Unlike the the Asshimar and more like Federation suits of the era, the Anksha abandons its predecessor's mono-eye sensor in favor of the typical compound sensor unit as seen on the Jegan.

Further enhancements made to the Anksha from the Asshimar's original design include a larger number of flight-surfaces, increasing the unit's maneuverability (especially while operating high in the atmosphere), as well as the inclusion of the unit's main beam guns into its body as to minimize transformation time between modes. The Anksha can serve as a sub-flight system for other mobile suits in the same fashion as a base jabber.


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