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Uncovering the Grumman F-14 A / B & D

Uncovering the Grumman F-14 A / B & D

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we start at the nose probe...
...but uncover quickly what's inside the radome:
the complete fuselage in detail, including flaps & slats:
tails shown from inboard (& outboard):
we show the full underside (here the front fuselage):
some special features:
the three cockpit versions, starting with 6 pages of the A-model:
10 pages of the F-14B cockpits:
even 14 pages of the F-14D cockpits:
both ejection seats in detail (here the SJU-17):
the nose landing gear - with never published sequences:
the landing gear bays from every angle:
a large part is showing the Tomcat in maintenance, uncovering what's behind those panels:
or behind the seats:
or below the wing pivot covers:
and then there's still space left for the armament section:
Phoenix, Sidewinder, Sparrow, JDAM and other bombs, TARPS,...
168 pages with 750+ detailed colour pictures in total...
and not to forget the 1 meter long fold out pages
with 1/72nd and 1/48th scale drawings and cockpit diagrams:
3 Items