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God hand GodHand Brushwork PRO Chipping Brush (choose size)

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GodHand make the best modelling tools in the world.

We're not just making that up - Pete, James and Foxx have sworn by them for years and we are ridiculously excited to be able to bring them to you now. They truly are tools that are at home whether they are in the hands of a beginner or a professional. These are not mass-produced throwaway tools; they are tools designed by and for master craftsmen that will enable you to create incredible art.

For chipping and stretching at will! So much fun that you can’t stop poking!

Brushwork PRO Chipping Brush features a short, thick brush tip specialized for poking application with the brush tip.

You can paint from small to large dots neatly with the brush tip.

The brush tip enables you to chip easily as if painting with the brush tip.

There are two types of Chipping Brush, S, and M, depending on the thickness and length of the brush.

The [M] brush has a width of 3 mm and a length of 6 mm, longer and thicker than the [S] brush. It is perfect for both dotting and stretching with bold strength.

Brush made with our dedication to brush painting!

Brushwork PRO is a delicate paintbrush with each bristle made by a brush craftsman specializing in synthetic bristles.

Unlike ordinary synthetic fiber brushes, the bristles do not dry out and break off easily, keeping the bristles always soft and new.

Japanese-made synthetic bristles (PBT) with a firm texture

Each brush is hand-made by Japanese brush craftspersons who specialize in synthetic bristles.

Animal hair brushes tend to become damaged, torn, and dry when soaked in solvents, but Brushwork PRO’s PBT bristles are solvent-resistant and less prone to damage.

The bond that holds the brush tip in place is also solvent-resistant, ensuring a long-lasting good brush tip.

The brush tip is more flexible than general chemical fiber brushes due to the firmness adjusted for easy brush painting on models.

An assorted range of brush tip shapes for use in different painting situations.

Short brush tip has a lower water supply for the paint, causing the paint to dry quickly.

This is why Brushwork PRO has designed the brush tip length to achieve ease of painting and paint absorbency.

Thanks to the special processing PBT bristles, bent bristles become straight again with hot water at 90℃.

Exclusive aluminum cap for storage.

How to fix a brush with bristles bent out

Remove any dirt from the brush before soaking it in hot water.

*Please be careful of burns when using hot water.

1. Fill a heat-resistant container with hot water at 90℃, and soak the bent brush tips for about 10 seconds.

2. Use the sides of the container to straighten out any bent bristles.

3. Pull the brush up along the side to keep it straight.

4. Check the bottom of the brush is straight and leave it to dry.

*For some bristles with a limited lifespan in use, it may not work.

*Note that if the water gets cold during the process, it may not work.

Brushwork PRO Chipping Brush M

Product Code:GH-EBRSP-TTM

Quality Indication

・Dimensions: approx. 134 mm from brush tip to handle end, tip width approx. 3 mm, tip length approx. 6 mm

・Handle material: Wooden 

・Bristle: High-quality nylon (PBT)  

・Exclusive cap included

・Applicable paints: Water-based ◎ / Oil-based ◎ / Lacquer ◎ / Urethane ○

・Made in Japan

Brushwork PRO Chipping Brush S

Product Code:GH-EBRSP-TTS

Quality Indication

・Dimensions: approx. 133 mm from brush tip to handle end, tip width approx. 2 mm, tip length approx. 3 mm

・Handle material: Wooden 

・Bristle: High-quality nylon (PBT)  

・Exclusive cap included

・Applicable paints: Water-based ◎ / Oil-based ◎ / Lacquer ◎ / Urethane ○

・Made in Japan

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