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VMS Varnish HD (choose finish and size)

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VMS Varnish HD is based on small size binder type to ensure it sprays easily to form an even layer. No spitting, no overspray, no problem! Three easy to spray (no thinning required) types: deep matt, silky satin and classic gloss. VMS Varnishes are 100% translucent - no white traces characteristic of cheap finishing products, even if sprayed in thick layers! Product quickly dries to a durable shell that will protect you model while weathering. VMS Varnish HD is able to repel unwanted particles better than standard varnishes thanks to low surface contamination factor.  IMPORTANT: The product is susceptible to low temperatures and mustn't be frozen! Store and handle in room temperature

What working pressure is best for this product?

Airbrushing at 20-30 PSI will result in smooth and even layer of varnish. 


What size of nozzle should I use?

For efficient varnishing we recommend 0.3 at the very least, ideally 0.4 nozzle. The product will work with smaller nozzles without problems but the varnishing process will be slower.  


Do I need to add airbrush thinner to spray the varnish?

No, the varnish is best used out of the bottle, if you have problems spraying please check your equipment and adjust pressure to 20- 30 PSI. If you are using 0.2 or smaller nozzle you may add a bit of VMS Airbrush Thinner 2.0 for acrylics. 


There are air bubbles after shaking the product and it seems thick, is this a problem?

No, air bubbles visible in airbrush cup (result of shaking the bottle prior using the product) are OK and of no consequence and will disappear once you start airbrushing. If the bubbles are there it simply means you shook your product well. Matte varnish is the thickest of the 3 types, satin type has medium thickness and the goss type is the thinnest - this is dictated by the amount of matting agent different in each product type. While the matte and satin varnishes may appear "too thick" it's just an impression, each type will easily go through a 0.4 nozzle thanks to small particle size. The apparent  thickness and actual viscosity even if it seems "gel" to you is of no import. Please test spray your new varnish and let it dry on its own. Do so especially if it's your first time using the product and you will discover that no matter the apparent "thickness" it will spray and level fantastically. Matte type can be diluted with a very small amount VMS green label thinner if you are spraying during the summer or you are finishing your bottle and the product lost some of its flow capacity due to water evaporation. 


What's the drying time?

Varnish will be dry to touch in around 30 minutes, if you force dry (hair dryer, low setting) it can be shortened to several minutes. Dry to touch equals low durability leave the varnish to cure so that it can attain its true potential. This is true for all acrylic products. 


What's the curing time?

3 -5 days equals 75% durability which is enough for you to exercise weathering techniques over such varnish layer. In two weeks varnish will reach 100% durability and maximum protective potential.  

What agent to use to clean my tools after using the varnish?

Product is cleaned up very easily. We recommend VMS Airbrush Cleaners Pro acrylic or equivalent.


What is the shelf life of the product?

The shelf life minimum is around 24 months, longer if stored in cool and dark place. Don't store in temperatures below 5 °C or in direct sunlight!

8 Items

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