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espectacular!!! hice mi pedido a las 12.30 de la mañana, y me lo entregaron al día siguiente, buenos...

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Dutch Profile
The first ‘Dutch Profile’ was published in 2003: a publication about the Lockheed L-12/212. It was the first in a series which was inspired by the well known British ‘Aircraft Profiles’, published by Profile Publications. The idea behind the Dutch ‘Profiles’ is the wish to publish high quality monographs about military aircraft in service by the Dutch air force and its predecessors since 1914, including the aviation department of the army in the Dutch East Indies and the Dutch fleet air arm. Apart from monographs about military aircraft in Dutch service, the publisher likes to broaden the series to interesting subjects about Dutch civil aviation. All publications are bilingual: Dutch and English. Dutch Profile is a spin-off of Dutch Decal, producer of decal sheets for the Dutch (static) model builder, which started in 1986 with a decal sheet for a Dutch DC-3. The publications are written by a team of outstanding Dutch aeronautical authors who are well known throughout the whole Dutch aviation community, such as Gerard ‘Jerry’ Casius, Nico Geldhof, Frits Gerdessen, Max Schep, Tim van Kampen, Gerrit Boxem and Coen van den Heuvel. In general Dutch Profile tries to publish two publications per annum. Dutch Decal and Dutch Profile are a private initiative of Luuk Boerman. All 'profiles' in the range copyright Luuk Boerman. All rights reserved.


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