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Publications WWP logo are intended primarily for modelers who need to improve their products the greatest possible amount of detailed photographs. In addition to this target group are also used as an aid in the renovation for owners of historic vehicles. For these reasons, contain only the basic text and accompanying photos are the core contents.

Our primary aim was only to the contact plate then unpublished photographs as large as possible and the best quality, which has been achieved largely observed even after 18 years of our activity.

Where appropriate and possible, publications are part of the color schemes and drawings or attachments.

The first publication of the UH-60 Black Hawk in detail was published in the autumn of 1994 and among other things, served to prepare the movie "Black Hawk Down." In 1995 began a second series of publications BMP 1 in detail. The land is devoted to modern technology. In 1996 was published in the new format 240x225mm first publication of the "Special Museum Line", which is mainly focused on historical buildings, whether owned by private owners, or in museums. This series has gradually become the main line in our publishing activities.

In 2005, she assumed a new series "In Detail Special" in a larger format 240x225mm. In this format was gradually added a number for those interested in railway technology "Train in Detail", which will deal primarily German-made locomotives that were used during the World War II.


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  • Mr. Color Spray white pearl  (40ml)
  • Mr. Color Spray dark green (Nakajima)  (40ml)
Mr. Color Spray white pearl (40ml)
S151  >>
Mr. Color Spray dark green (Nakajima) (40ml)
S129  >>
Mr. Color Spray dark green (Mitsubishi) (40ml)
S124  >>
Mr. Color Spray light blue (40ml)
S117  >>
Mr. Color Spray RLM65 light blue (40ml)
S115  >>
Mr. Color Spray character flesh (2) (40ml)
S112  >>
Mr. Color Spray character flesh (1) (40ml)
S111  >>
Mr. Color Spray character blue (40ml)
S110  >>
Mr. Color Spray character yellow (40ml)
S109  >>
Mr. Color Spray character red (40ml)
S108  >>
Mr. Color Spray character white (40ml)
S107  >>
Mr. Color Spray smoke gray (40ml)
S101  >>
Mr. Color Spraylight gray (40ml)
S097  >>
Mr. Color Spray Semi Gloss Black (40ml)
S092  >>
Mr. Color Spray shine silver (40ml)
S090  >>
Mr. Color Spray russet (40ml)
S081  >>
Mr. Color Spray cobalt blue (40ml)
S080  >>
Mr. Color Spray shine red (40ml)
S079  >>
Mr. Color Spray metallic black (40ml)
S078  >>
Mr. Color Spray metallic green (40ml)
S077  >>
Mr. Color Spray metallic blue (40ml)
S076  >>
Mr. Color Spray metallic red (40ml)
S075  >>
Mr. Color Spray Dark Green (40ml)
S070  >>
Mr. Color Spray Off White (40ml)
S069  >>
Mr. Color Spray Dark Green (40ml)
S068  >>
Mr. Color Spray purple (40ml)
S067  >>
Mr. Color Spray bright green(40ml)
S066  >>
Mr. Color Spray bright blue (40ml)
S065  >>
Mr. Color Spray Yellow Green (40ml)
S064  >>
Mr. Color Spray Pink (40ml)
S063  >>
Mr. Color Spray flat white (40ml)
S062  >>
Mr. Color Spray orange yellow (40ml)
S058  >>
Mr. Color Spray clear blue (40ml)
S050  >>
Mr. Color Spray clear orange (40ml)
S049  >>
Mr. Color Spray clear yellow (40ml)
S048  >>

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