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White Primer Mission Model 30ml


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Mission Models

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Due to the fact that our primer is a proprietary formula you MUST use our thinner ( reducer) to thin our primer. NO ALTERNATIVES PERIOD. If you really break it down our primer is a two part system and we keep it simple.  When our thinner is added to the primer the primer is "Activated."  Activation is nothing that the user needs to worry about except for the fact that only our thinner will make the primer work properly with the intended finish. It's very easy and there is nothing you need to do but use MMP Thinner. Mixed properly MMP primer is incredibly smooth. Requires no wet or dry sanding and is extremely durable. 

MMP primer is thick in the bottle. It must be thinned. We recommend the following example ratio for reference only. The ratio below is mixing just a small amount of paint. 

Example for reference:  30-40 drops primer + 4-6 drops thinner. No poly needed. 

PSI aprox 10 to 15. Adjust accordingly. 

Spray 2-3" from the work surface light wet coats and even passes. Will not hide any details.  

DO NOT spray primer in dry coats. Light wet coats are the way to go. 

DO NOT add poly to the primer. It is NOT needed nor are there any advantages. 

The Primer won't Stick :  Please re-read the above.  If you spray in dry mist coat meaning if you spray from too far of a distance the paint or primer will dry in the air before hitting the surface of the model and you will loose all adhesion properties as you are now spraying dry paint or primer.


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