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Model Color
A range of 218 acrylic colours, very highly pigmented, formulated for models and miniatures. Model Color is indicated for all surfaces, and especially formulated to adhere to plastics and polyesters.
The Modelcolor range contains 218 colors and an extensive assortment of mediums and varnishes, designed especially for Miniature and Modelpainting. The colors have been chosen with the help and advice of the best model painters from many countries. Those colors which have corresponding Federal Standard, Ral and RLM equivalencies are so identified.
(Please see “ Equivalent values ”).

Modelcolor has been formulated with permanent pigments for fine arts; all colors are completely lightfast and opaque, (with the exception of the fluorescent and transparent colors, which are semi-opaque). A few metallic pigments (in an alcohol base) are included in the range, since these give a harder brilliance than the waterbased metallics. (Please see “ Liquid Gold ”).

The consistency of Modelcolor allows for an extremely smooth and uniform paintfilm, with no trace of brushstrokes. Professional model painters always work with a wet brush and dilute the paint with water or Mat Medium, applying many thin layers to achieve depth and shadows. Colors may also be diluted with other Mediums (See "Auxiliary Products for Modelpainting") for glazes and layered applications.

The waterbased formula of Modelcolor has been specifically developed for adherence on difficult surfaces such as metal and plastic, but the product is not toxic, not flammable, and does not give off noxious fumes. Errors can be corrected immediately with water or alcohol Modelcolor dries quickly to a matte, even and waterproof finish. Exact drying time depends on the temperature and humidity of the environment, on the surface which has been painted, and on the thickness of the paint layer - although the colors are dry to the touch within minutes, the water content keeps on evaporating, and the paint does not acquire its true permanence until several weeks after application.

Modelcolor is presented in plastic bottles of 17ml. with an eyedropper device which keeps paint from drying and prevents spills.
8 Metallic colors in alcohol based are presented in childproof bottles of 35 ml. See “ Liquid Gold ”.



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Mr Gundam Color G Color - Nimbus Red
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Mr Gundam Color G Color - Exam Blue 1
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Mr Gundam Color Neo Zeong Red Gundam Color 40ml
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C530-Mr. Color-IDF Gray 3 (Modern) 10ml
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C529-Mr. Color- IDF Gray 2 (-1981 Golan) 10ml
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C528-Mr. Color- IDF Gray 1 (-1981 Sinai) 10ml
paint  >>
C527-Mr. Color- IJA Khaki 10ml
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C526-Mr. Color- IJA Brown 10ml
paint  >>
C525-Mr. Color- IJA Green 10ml
paint  >>
C524-Mr. Color- IJA Hay Color 10ml
paint  >>
C523-Mr. Color- Grass Color 10ml
paint  >>
C522-Mr. Color-IJA Ground Color 10ml
paint  >>
C521-Mr. Color-NATO Teerschwarz 10ml
paint  >>
C520-Mr. Color-NATO Lederbraun 10ml
paint  >>
C519-Mr. Color-NATO Bronzegrün 10ml
paint  >>
C518-Mr. Color-JGSDF Olive Drab 2314 10ml
paint  >>
C517-Mr. Color-JGSDF Brown 3606 10ml
paint  >>
C516-Mr. Color- JGSDF Dark Green 3414 10ml
paint  >>
C515-Mr. Color- Faded Gray "Blassgrau" 10ml
paint  >>
C514-Mr. Color- Gray "Grau" 10ml
paint  >>
C513-Mr. Color-Dark Gray "Dunkelgrau" 10ml
paint  >>
C512-Mr. Color-Russian Green "4BO" 1947 10ml
paint  >>
C511-Mr. Color- Russian Green "4BO" 10ml
paint  >>
C340-Mr. Color- FS34097 field green 10ml
paint  >>
C339-Mr. Color- FS16081 Engine Gray 10ml
paint  >>
C338-Mr. Color-FS36495 light gray 10ml
paint  >>
C337-Mr. Color- FS35237 grayish blue 10ml
paint  >>
C336-Mr. Color-Hemp BS4800/10B21 10ml
paint  >>
C335-Mr. Color- medium seagray BS381C/637 10ml
paint  >>
C334-Mr. Color- Barley Gray BS4800/18B21 10ml
paint  >>
C333-Mr. Color- extra dark seagray BS381C/640 10ml
paint  >>
C332-Mr. Color- light aircraft gray BS381C/627 10ml
paint  >>
C331-Mr. Color- dark Seagray BS381C/638 10ml
paint  >>
C330-Mr. Color- dark green BS381C/641 10ml
paint  >>
C329-Mr. Color- FS13538 yellow 10ml
paint  >>

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