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For series 7xxxx (Acrylic Paints) and series 9xxxx (Acrylic pigments) AKAN produced the thinners 74000, 74001 and 74093. The thinners cover all the standard paints including the metallic and varnishes from the same series.

The first thinner available was 74093 (Isopropyl Alcohol) while at that time AKAN recommendation was to use either water or 74093 for thinning purposes. Later AKAN decided to produced their own thinners to fully comply with paint characteristics and help the modellers to achieve the best possible results from their paints. It was obvious that if water was recommended then modellers will replace it with other thinners (like window cleaner, clean spirit and thinners form other brands) that they already used in other acrylic paints. We cannot say that the other acrylic thinners will not work with AKAN paints but we have to say that the results when using the thinners from the same manufacturer is the best possible choice. Some examples why is better to use the AKAN thinners when you want to use AKAN acrylic paints for your project are the following:

The acrylic series was designed to dry fast (15 to 30min) and this characteristic creates several issues when airbrushing. Paint dries faster when you are using airbrush and as a result you should thin the paint constantly if not AKAN thinners is used. This practice except the fact that creates additional hassle it is also possible to spoil the result of your work since different layers of paint with different thinning ratio are used for the same model. AKAN thinners are prolonging the dry effect because retarder is already embedded.
When AKAN primers are used before to apply the acrylic paint it is safer to use AKAN thinners because the paints will be smoothly applied above the primer, will dry normally, will remain strong and you will not have unpleasant results when decals or varnishes will be applied after.
By using AKAN thinners the mechanical strength of the paint remains the same. We can’t be sure what will be the result with other thinners and if the result will be feasible.

The latest AKAN thinners are 74000 (Thinner for airbrushing) and 74001 (Thinner for brushing). Both are available in 15ml, 75ml, and 250ml.


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