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All paints are airbrush ready. By nature all paint may vary in consistency based on pigment. You may find some paints to be slightly thicker than others which are natural properties of paint. We do not add any additional additives to our paints which results in no shelf life , hard settles or breakdown.

MMP paint is very easy to use. We recommend thinning to the following ratio for the best performance. Below are some basic examples. For best performance please follow our carefully researched ratios.

DO NOT MIX 50/50. Our thinner is very powerful and only the smallest amount of thinner is needed. In the mixing cup your reduced paint will appear thicker than what you may be used to. This is normal. MMP paint will dry smooth, thin and level. It will not hide the finest of details. Mixed properly you will find a beautiful opaque finish which requires minimal coats.

All paint should be stirred not shaken in the paint cup.

Polyurethane Intermix

1-2 drops to 10 drops paint ( Stir in only do not shake )

Thinner / Reducer

20/30% MMP thinner to 1 part paint ( 2/3 drops thinner to 10 drops paint)

PSI 10 , 15 , 20 depending on your needs.

TIP: add one or two drops of MMP Polyurethane Intermix for additional reduced tip dry when spraying straight from the bottle. MMP Poly increases flow , lowers drying times , added leveling , increased blending when brush painting, durability and adds a slight eggshell finish. As modelers we highly recommend this as an option.



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  • Mr Gundam Color G Color - Nimbus Red
  • Mr Gundam Color G Color - Exam Blue 1
Mr Gundam Color G Color - Nimbus Red
XUG05  >>
Mr Gundam Color G Color - Exam Blue 1
XUG04  >>
Mr Gundam Color Neo Zeong Red Gundam Color 40ml
XUG02  >>
C530-Mr. Color-IDF Gray 3 (Modern) 10ml
paint  >>
C529-Mr. Color- IDF Gray 2 (-1981 Golan) 10ml
paint  >>
C528-Mr. Color- IDF Gray 1 (-1981 Sinai) 10ml
paint  >>
C527-Mr. Color- IJA Khaki 10ml
paint  >>
C526-Mr. Color- IJA Brown 10ml
paint  >>
C525-Mr. Color- IJA Green 10ml
paint  >>
C524-Mr. Color- IJA Hay Color 10ml
paint  >>
C523-Mr. Color- Grass Color 10ml
paint  >>
C522-Mr. Color-IJA Ground Color 10ml
paint  >>
C521-Mr. Color-NATO Teerschwarz 10ml
paint  >>
C520-Mr. Color-NATO Lederbraun 10ml
paint  >>
C519-Mr. Color-NATO Bronzegrün 10ml
paint  >>
C518-Mr. Color-JGSDF Olive Drab 2314 10ml
paint  >>
C517-Mr. Color-JGSDF Brown 3606 10ml
paint  >>
C516-Mr. Color- JGSDF Dark Green 3414 10ml
paint  >>
C515-Mr. Color- Faded Gray "Blassgrau" 10ml
paint  >>
C514-Mr. Color- Gray "Grau" 10ml
paint  >>
C513-Mr. Color-Dark Gray "Dunkelgrau" 10ml
paint  >>
C512-Mr. Color-Russian Green "4BO" 1947 10ml
paint  >>
C511-Mr. Color- Russian Green "4BO" 10ml
paint  >>
C340-Mr. Color- FS34097 field green 10ml
paint  >>
C339-Mr. Color- FS16081 Engine Gray 10ml
paint  >>
C338-Mr. Color-FS36495 light gray 10ml
paint  >>
C337-Mr. Color- FS35237 grayish blue 10ml
paint  >>
C336-Mr. Color-Hemp BS4800/10B21 10ml
paint  >>
C335-Mr. Color- medium seagray BS381C/637 10ml
paint  >>
C334-Mr. Color- Barley Gray BS4800/18B21 10ml
paint  >>
C333-Mr. Color- extra dark seagray BS381C/640 10ml
paint  >>
C332-Mr. Color- light aircraft gray BS381C/627 10ml
paint  >>
C331-Mr. Color- dark Seagray BS381C/638 10ml
paint  >>
C330-Mr. Color- dark green BS381C/641 10ml
paint  >>
C329-Mr. Color- FS13538 yellow 10ml
paint  >>

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