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espectacular!!! hice mi pedido a las 12.30 de la mañana, y me lo entregaron al día siguiente, buenos...

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Z-Knights There is 1 product.

Z-Knights (装甲巨神Zナイト)were a series of toy model kits made by TOMY. Each model was made in 1/72 scale and they were battery powered, the lines having no wind-up versions. The model kits are very similar to Zoids model kits, in terms of design and construction. Although there is no hardcore evidence that the 2 series of model kit lines are linked, the Z-Knights lines back round does mention the Planet Zi and its metallic life forms. For most collectors, the Z-Knights are considered an "sub-line" to the Zoids model kits.

The Z-Knights went on sale in Japan and in Europe in the early 90's. There were 3 different, standard sizes of the model kits and incorporated relatively easy construction. The model kits had almost the exact same type of caps that held their parts together as the Zoids model kits. Like the Zoids model kits, the Z-Knights were motorized by batteries for movement. (As stated above. No Z-Knights had wind up motors though, unlike Zoids, which has both.) They also had stickers to place after building was complete. The four largest models, (Z-Knight, Great Z-Knight, Marinekaizer and Gilga) also had a pilot. The pilot was the same as the standard pilot that came with most Zoid models. Unlike Zoids, Z-Knights cockpits were usually located in the chest of the model kit, while Zoids had the cockpits mounted in their heads