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Brave Exkaiser (勇者エクスカイザー Yūsha Ekusukaizā), sometimes spelled as Brave Exkaizer or Brave Exkizer, is a Japanese animated television series that began in 1990, created by Sunrise under the direction of Katsuyoshi Yatabe, and is the first of the long running Yuusha or "Brave" metaseries funded by Takara and produced by Sunrise.
On a present-day Earth that was secretly visited by a group of space police led by Exkaiser who were chasing after an evil gang of energy based treasure thieves called The Geisters led by Dinogeist. Upon arriving on Earth, Exkaiser and his team called the "Kaisers" put their spirits into vehicles all over Japan so that they could convert them into transformable bodies for themselves. Throughout the series the Kaisers must fight the Geisters and their "geister robos" from stealing Earth's artifacts and putting lives in danger.